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rightTermites and other pests
Termites and other wood destroying insects such as carpenter ants can do massive damage to a home and greatly impact its value. In humid areas such as Florida termites are a problem, and it’s not unusual to find many homes that have been virtually hollowed out, their wood siding turning to dust at a touch.


leftHow do I know if my home has termites?

It takes an expert to detect hidden termite damage. General home inspections do not typically include a termite inspection. It is highly recommended that you get a termite/wood destroying organism (WDO) inspection from a Pest Control Company in addition to your general home inspection.


It is difficult for most home inspectors to perform a WDO inspection in compliance with Florida law.

To perform a WDO inspection the qualified person must be an employee of a licensed pest control company and must use their vehicle, tools and equipment and can not work out of a different location that is independent of the licensee's direct control.

When someone is doing a WDO inspection they should be in a pest control company uniform, use the pest control company vehicle which must have permanent labeling on the vehicle, and not work out of a different location than the pest control company.

I am often asked if I also do Wood Destroying Organisms (WDO) inspections.   

I have my own company and I am not an employee of a pest control company. Even if I was qualified to perform a WDO inspection I could not perform these inspections because of the various requirements to be in compliance with Florida state law.

The link below is a memo from the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services:  Home Inspectors Conducting Wood Destroying Organism Inspections.